The Healing Method

“Every living being has an energy field. In human beings, it depends on their psyche and can be influenced by reflection, various moods or by another person’s energy field. This energy field, also called aura, controls and defines the status and the shape of the body. In the case of negative thoughts or negative mental status, this field can be affected and through it the organism, also. The bioenergy therapist, working with various energetical balance pathways, can correct the energy field which can have an effect on the physical. ”

The method consists of a series of sessions set by the therapist:

  • it does not preclude the treatment set by the doctor or any another type of treatment
  • it does not use any substances to be administered orally or by injection
  • it does not require a special diet or daily lifestyle change!
  • it does not require a special therapist (self-confidence and confidence in your own life is much more important)


Therapy consists of a number of 5 or 7 sessions. Only one session per day, 5 or 7 sessions will take place on consecutive days.

So far Tiberiu Molnar applied his method on thousands of people from all over the world, achieving an overall resolution of around 80% success in solving various health problems, 

The most common cases are: cancer, tumors, digestive, gynecological, endocrine, rheumatic disorders, epilepsy, diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory or sinus problems, stress, insomnia and so on.

In achieving a successful result:

  • Try to attend all recommended sessions.
  • If you follow a treatment recommended by your doctor, do not interrupt it without consulting him/her first.
  • Do not consider this method the only source in solving your health problem.
  • the key in healing yourself is you

Tiberiu Molnar’s motto: 

“We all deserve a better, healthier, more balanced life and no one is excluded” – Tiberiu Molnar.